Stop War

On February 24th ruzzia has invaded Ukraine and started a full-scale war.

Ruzzian military troops have been killing and raping people, including children and elderly, looting their homes…

Under the constant rocket attacks, people have been hiding in basements for months. Thousands of civilians have been struggling with no food and water, no electricity. Thousands have been killed and injured,.. Millions of Ukrainians are forced to flee their homes, or what is left of them, seeking refuge.

Ruzzia is still shelling bombs and rockets destroying Ukrainian towns and villages. Ruzzian dictatorship regime is a threat to the whole world. Ukraine is a frontline now.

Stand With Ukraine to Save The World!

How You Can Help

DO NOT believe the ruzzian propaganda! Share the information about what is really happening in Ukraine now.

Donate to help those who are suffering from the ruzzion military aggression in Ukraine.

Here’re some links to trusted volunteers and charitable organizations:

Ukraine In Armor  – After ruzzia started the war, this group of volunteers devoted all their efforts to supplying Ukrainian defenders at the front lines with bulletproof vests.

MASHA Foundation – Masha Efrosinina is a Ukrainian TV presenter, actress, social activist, co-founder of the Charity Weekend, President of the Board of “Tvoya Opora” charity fund. and UN Honorary Ambassador for Ukraine on Gender Equality and Combating Violence. She created this public organization in 2020 to stand up against all forms of violence and did a great job helping women and children who were the victims of domestic violence. Since the beginning of war, she and her foundation are focused on closing the immediate problems of vulnerable people due to lack of food, baby food, medicines, hygiene products and clothing. They also organize the evacuation of women with children to safe places.

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation – Serhiy is a popular Ukrainian TV host, comedian and public figure. Since 2014, when ruzzia occupied Donbass and Crimea, he’s been helping the Ukrainian Army as a private volunteer. In 2020, during the pandemic, Serhiy also started the Charitable Foundation for non-military aid. In February 2022, after ruzzia launched a full-scale invasion, his Foundation joined the Army supply movement, covering the needs of both the Armed Forces fighters and members of Territorial Defense units.

UAnimals  – Not only people are struggling with war. Thousands of animals are killed, injured and abandoned… UAnimals’ team rescues animals, helps shelters financially, provides them with food and tries to evacuate animals to other countries or to save places in Ukraine.

* Part of the money earned from my Business Support Services is going to these organizations

Thank you for your support!

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